Come Garden and Grow with us!!!

This is an exciting opportunity be one of the first in your neighbourhood to have your own vegetable garden plot in the first ever Queensway Terrace North Community Garden. The Queensway Terrace North Community Association ( and Just Food ( are partnering to bring our community this fantastic opportunity and they will provide us with lots of advice and support as we start this new gardening adventure. At the present time, suitable sites are being looked at within the community, and there are many administrative tasks to complete before we actually break ground, which will hopefully happen in the spring of 2015.

To help us get started, we need to know how much interest we have from residents in the community so that we can go forward with the appropriate planning and paperwork for this project.

If you’re interested in having a plot in the community garden or need further information, please contact us at

You don’t need to have gardening experience – just a desire to learn, to meet new friends, to grow your own food and most importantly, to have fun!