Future of QTN

In November 2018, the QTN Board established a planning committee to facilitate community discussion about the future of QTN and provide input to the City of Ottawa and other decision-makers. This is important because of changes coming in our area, such as LRT II and redevelopment of Lincoln Fields.

The first focus is guidelines for residential development in QTN. As a result of discussion with the City planning department, the Queensview/Pinecrest LRT Study will now include guidelines for the residential area of QTN. QTN residents can have input into those guidelines. The goal is to ensure that new developments enhance the character of QTN. This is an opportunity to address issues such as: parking, walking and biking paths, public spaces, preserving trees and green spaces, building heights, etc.

This page will be used to post information for the community on proposed plans, QTN discussions, and opportunities for residents to engage in city processes that affect our neighborhood.

Key documentation (for information/comment):
  • Preliminary description of QTN character and list of issues for consideration was submitted to the City on February 22, 2019 (link to document here).  Please do not hesitate to engage with this preliminary piece by leaving a comment directly in the document, or by sending an email to qtncommunity@gmail.com.
  • Submission by QTNca regarding the Connaught Park Berm Proposal (initial submission & follow-up letter)

Current engagement opportunities:

  • Proposed development of 830 & 840 Alpine Ave

Previous opportunities:

  • March 6, 2019 (7:00pm – 9:00pm) – Public Meeting on Lincoln Fields Redevelopment and the new City Official Plan. Location: Ron Kolbus Center. (click here for more information) Redevelopment of the Lincoln Fields mall and area around the mall from Carling to Richmond will have significant impacts for residents of QTN. You can learn more at this public meeting on March 6. The QTN planning committee will be actively engaged throughout the planning process to ensure QTN residents are informed and have an avenue to voice community concerns. City Officials and Rio Can, owner of the mall, will present.  The meeting is hosted by City Councillor Theresa Kavanaugh.
  • February 10, 2019 — QTN Winter Carnival — Come and share what you like about QTN and what improvements you would like to see. Mark a map to show places you would like to see change. Peter Giles, City of Ottawa Planner, will be present in person.

What is under discussion?

  • In-fill Housing and the Character of QTN:
    • The new plan will help to ensure that in-fill housing projects enhance the character of QTN.
    • The committee is asking residents to help describe the features of QTN that are important to us.
    • Add your thoughts at the Carnival or through email. Draft descriptions will be posted for suggestions later in February.
    • A public meeting will be held on the draft plan before it is adopted.
  • Improvements for Consideration in the Plan:
    • This is an opportunity to address current issues and make some improvements in QTN.
    • We are discussing ways to improve walking paths and their connections to places people want to walk – or bike.
    • Easy access to the LRT stations from all parts of the neighborhood is being discussed.
    • Adding sidewalks to some streets might be considered. Preserving mature trees is important. On-street parking and road safety.
    • Residents can help to identify priorities and then we will work with City planners to find the best ways to achieve some of our goals.
  • Redevelopment of the Commercial Areas on our Borders:
    • Changes will be coming on the south side, as the area near the Queensview station develops. What would we like to see – and not see?
    • Changes will be coming on the north side, in a new plan for Carling and Lincoln Fields. We can have input now and there will be a public meeting later.
    • The Pinecrest Street bridge over the Freeway will be improved. With it, Pinecrest Street and access out of and into QTN will be discussed.
    • The committee will work with residents to ensure that we have some voice in planning decisions that will shape the future of QTN.

Questions and suggestions are welcome over email: qtncommunity@gmail.com