Future of QTN: Planning Committee

QTNca’s planning committee works to inform residents about issues that affect QTN and engages in City planning processes to advocate for QTN priorities and needs.

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  • What makes up our community? Take a look at our infographic which is based on the 2016 Canadian Census.
  • What are the community's priorities? Through community meetings, a description of what residents value and prioritize about QTN was developed.

Ottawa’s new Official Plan will have major impacts for QTN, as a transition neighbourhood between two LRT stations. QTN is asking for amendments to the revised plan to ensure that intensification enhances rather than erodes strong neighborhoods, like QTN. Read QTN Submission for formal hearings on revised plan.

Earlier QTN Planning Committee made a submission in response to the Draft Official Plan.  2021-02 QTNca and the New Official Plan. Some of our suggestions were incorporated into the revised version of the draft plan.


Guidelines for future residential development in QTN will be part of the Pinecrest/Queensview Station Secondary Plan. QTN’s planning committee advocated for the inclusion of QTN to help ensure that new developments enhance the quality of life in our neighbourhood. QTN residents will have opportunities for input when the official secondary plan process starts. This is an opportunity to address issues such as: parking, walking and biking paths, public spaces, preserving trees and green spaces, building heights, etc.

In advance of the secondary plan process, QTN planning committee presented a discussion paper with priorities and key issues.  Queensview Drive and QTN – Good Neighbors – Considerations for Official Plan.docx.


UPDATE February 2022: The Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan process is gearing up. A recent meeting with stakeholder representatives focused on issues related to transportation and connectivity in this area. That intersects with the new draft Transportation Master Plan.

Newsletter story on transportation options for Lincoln Fields Area.

A connectivity study, done by Alta Consultants, recommends a number of changes that could improve the flow of traffic, access for pedestrians and bikers, and safer crossings of Carling Avenue. Proposed changes are described in this presentation – go to slides near end of it.

QTNca representatives are also advocating for attention to the Connaught-Carling Intersection, safe crossings at other points along Carling, and early implementation of proposed improvements, which are not included or funded in the Transportation Master Plan.

Earlier Posts re: Lincoln Fields

The planning committee is working with other neighbourhood associations to address a number of issues related to the future of Lincoln Fields mall and the area around it. Advocacy for development of an integrated plan for the area continues. The City of Ottawa recently postponed development of this plan. QTN continues to advocate for an early start on that plan.

Updates on the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan will be posted in newsletter.


  • UPDATE February, 2022:  Revised Noise Report for LRT in the area of QTN was received. QTN appreciates additional noise walls to mitigate noise impacts along the track through the Connaught Park area. Concerns remain about noise in the fly-over area. High noise levels on the south side of QTN are caused by a variety of sources. QTN is advocating for greater attention to noise mitigation in the Queensview/Pinecrest Secondary Plan.
  • UPDATE October 31, 2021: On October 22, 2021 a memo was received with updated plans for noise mitigation in Connaught Park. Read memo here. The PAC group is gathering feedback from the community. If you have questions/comments, please send to qtncommunity@gmail.com.
  • Noise Study, LRT Phase 2, Connaught ParkExcerpt of Noise Study done by City of Ottawa for LRT Phase 2 through Connaught Park. This is a DRAFT for consultation purposes. In addition, the Public Advisory Committee received a copy of an assessment of the effectiveness of rail dampers, one of the noise mitigation measures proposed for Connaught Park.  Draft report for consultation purposes.
  • Tree Plans for Connaught Park:  QTN received the attached information about tree plans.  Community members are invited to provide feed-back and suggestions.  Please send suggestions to qtncommunity@gmail.com.  Your suggestions will be shared with the landscape planners

QTNca has continued its advocacy for improvements in the LRT plans through Connaught Park, including paths and measures to reduce noise and visual impacts. Residents have an opportunity to provide feed-back on a revised landscape plan now and a revised plan for connectivity is coming later this year.  See report from first PAC meeting. 

In spring 2020, the QTN community was engaged in the consideration of berms proposed by KEV as a way to reduce noise and visual impacts for QTN residents (Letter to KEV regarding berms). Then OC Transpo announced that a noise study would be done; later we learned that it would include the whole LRT Phase II project, which took more than a year to complete. For Connaught Park, Councillor Kavanaugh and OC Transpo, in cooperation with QTNca, formed a public advisory committee (PAC) to facilitate community discussion about the plans to mitigate noise and visual impacts for this section of the LRT line.

The PAC met for the first time on September 21st . Report of meeting available here Presentation made by OC Transpo available here.

In Spring 2021 the planning committee conducted a survey to identify what QTN residents wanted to see and do in local parks.  It also identified concerns of residents.  The planning committee is following up on these issues with City officials and our City Councillor.