The Queensway Terrace North Community Association represents the residents of the older Britannia Heights and newer Queensway Terrace North Communities.  We’re an established residential community located in West Ottawa. Our boundaries are Carling Avenue to the north, the western transitway to our east, the 417 (Queensway) to our south and Pinecrest Avenue to the west.

Originally, the name ‘Queensway Terrace North’ and the Association only applied to the Campeau built Queensway Terrace North next to the Queensway (Highway 417).  In November 2002 the Association, and the name, was extended to include the area south of Carling Avenue that was referred to as Britannia Heights.

We represent approximately 1,300 households and have one of the largest number of registered voters in Bay Ward.  Association membership is free and open to any resident of the community. The Board meets 8 times a year and the Annual General Meeting is held in the fall.

Neighbourhood Profile

Interested about the demographics of QTN? Take a look at our infosheet (PDF) based on Statistics Canada’s 2016 Census. For more information on the character of QTN and how the neighbourhood is evolving please visit the planning committee’s page.


At the 2014 annual general meeting, the QTNCA presented a final constitution to the assembled community members. This constitution was unanimously approved in spirit by the electorate, and will serve to guide the actions taken by the QTNCA Board of Directors for the future.

Click here for a copy of QTNca’s constitution


In 2013, the QTNCA began a “visioning process”. Discussions were held from 2013 to 2014. Preliminary results were presented and discussed at the 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The final results were presented and discussed at the QTN community AGM in November 2014.

The goals of the visioning process were to identify and agree on the following:

  1. Vision statement
  2. Main issues that QTNCA should be involved with (i.e. scope)
  3. Cross-cutting principles used by QTNCA to manage the above issues
  4. QTNCA positions/actions for each of the main issues

With the above, the QTNCA believes that it will have a more holistic and comprehensive picture of what it does, what it stands for, and why. This will assist and help guide QTNCA activities in the future. Examples include:

  • Deciding on whether or not to get involved with an issue or debate.
  • Already knowing the QTNCA position on an issue when that issue becomes significant or controversial.
  • Supporting the communications between QTNCA, QTN residents, and external parties (e.g. governmental bodies and other associations).
  • Informing whether QTNCA should apply for a grant, project or funding, or raise funds through other means.

Access a copy of the final document here: QTN Vision and Actions.

To learn more about the current board members and committees, please see: Board Members.