Planning Committee Update: LRT & Lincoln Fields

The QTN Community Association will be actively engaging in the development of  two city plans, starting in January:

1.  The Queensview/Pinecrest LRT Station Plan will guide redevelopment on the south side of QTN. The boundaries are being expanded to include the residential area of QTN. One outcome will be more specific policies to guide intensification in our neighbourhood and address other priorities of residents. Meetings will start in January and we’ll advise QTN residents of opportunities for input as part of this process. 

2.  A plan for the redevelopment of Lincoln Fields mall, Lincoln Fields LRT station, and the surrounding area between Carling Avenue and Richmond Road will guide development on the north side of QTN. There will be opportunities for public input, and the QTN Planning Committee will monitor and report on what happens between public meetings to keep you informed. Changes in the mall will begin in January. Metro and Pharma Plus will remain open and move to new locations; how the rest develops will be part of the larger city plan. 

The QTN planning committee will help to keep you informed, facilitate community discussions, and help to ensure the views of residents are considered as these plans move forward. Watch for more details later in January.

Kathy Vandergrift, Planning Liaison
QTN Community Association