QTNca needs more directors

The QTNca board of directors currently has 6 vacancies. While we continue to work hard, we want to do more and are asking for your assistance to help guide and lead our community.

What is the commitment?

  • Less than two hours a month – The board meets once per month (1.5 hrs), except during the summer months. While its expected that you try to make every meeting, we recognize that life is more complicated than that.
  • Work on what interests you – It’s not fun being voluntold to do anything. Board members volunteer on the committees and projects that most interest them. Only interested in the rink? carnival? trees? Perfect!

Interested? Contact us at qtncommunity@gmail.com. It would be helpful if you express why you would be an excellent candidate, what interests you, and where you are located (to support diversity within the board’s membership).

Our Annual General Meeting details will be announced shortly and we want to see you there. Stay tuned for that announcement in order to catch up on the past year and what the future holds for QTN!