Evergreen tree proposal at Frank Ryan Park

Trees have significant environmental and social benefits. They are an integral part of Queensview Terrace North (QTN)’s character and are valued by QTN residents and visitors. Growing Ottawa’s urban forest and making it healthier, more diverse and resilient – priorities that are also found in the City of Ottawa’s Urban Forest Management Plan. To that end, we have submitted a tree planting request to the Forest Establishment Unit to add evergreen trees (or shrubs) to Frank Ryan Park.

Why did we ask?

The boarded outdoor rink at Frank Ryan park is installed in a north-south alignment on the west side of the outdoor basketball court. To the north of the rink, an east-west alignment is present and is partially lined with deciduous trees. The imprint of the rink can be seen on below along with the deciduous trees on the east-west alignment, north of the basketball court.

In wintertime, winds from the north blowing across the open field bring snow drifts to the rink and worsen cold skating conditions. In other seasons, the east-west alignment is a passive recreational zone located outside of the activity range of the baseball fields and basketball court.


Our request is to add evergreen tree (or tall evergreen shrubs) on the east-west alignment, to the north of the boarded outdoor rink as shown below. Three (3) trees are presented for illustration purposes, and the exact number of trees and species will need to be confirmed. Evergreen trees or shrubs are preferred for their increased ability to reduce blowing snow and to act as wind breakers for an improved outdoor rink experience.

Share your thoughts

If you have any comments on this proposal or would like to see additional planting in QTN please let us know: qtncommunity@gmail.com.