Come enjoy the rink!

The Frank Ryan Park Rink is open. Come one come all!

Although the field house is closed to the public due to public health regulations, the ice is great and benches are in place outdoors for changing. If you’re visiting the park, here are a couple things to consider:

  • The rink is open to everyone and all skill ranges. Be considerate of others and keep hockey to the rink so skaters have room on the puddle when possible.
  • Busier times are mid-evening and weekend afternoons. If you’re planning to meet a group, consider during business hours, late afternoon weekdays, and weekend mornings.
  • Flooding most often occurs in the early morning before 1000 but will sometimes also occur late evenings or a little later in the morning on weekdays.
  • With Covid restrictions in place, consider leveraging the rink and park to host your small, outdoor, distanced, and safe birthday parties. No reservations are required but consider aiming for times that are less busy.
  • Ice conditions can be found on Ottawa and are periodically updated (anyone can update!)

If you have any questions about the rink, don’t hesitate to reach out to

We hope you’re enjoying the outdoor activities!