LRT in QTN: What You Need to Know

The Confederation Line West extension is one of three environmental assessment studies currently underway as part of the Stage 2 rail ( package, which is the City’s plan to add 19 new stations and 30 kilometres of rail farther east, west and south of the City.

QTN is one of the communities involved in this study.

For information, please refer to this slide package for the City (which was presented last Spring 2015).
Open House #4 Display Boards [ PDF 9.077 MB ]

We are now awaiting the completion of final environmental assessment document which has been delayed. The city is addressing some feedback with the draft and should be sending it out soon.  The public will have 30 days to provide comments/feedback once the final draft is released.

Here is a summary of concerns and feedback already raised from the community, for which we continue to seek clarification:

  • Is the proposed rail over Pinecrest creek really at grade?  Conflicting information has been presented in documentation and open houses.
  • How high would the rail be elevated over the creek into Connaught park (including the height of train and overhead power lines)? Will it be visible from our residential streets?
  • How much of the Connaught park would the community be losing?
  • What happens if construction starts in early in 2018 through QTN but the train never reaches it due to lack of funding?

Please watch for the draft announcement in the paper and provide feedback/comments to us or the city.