LRT Update: Oct 31, Deadline for Comments


Our QTN neighbourhood and Connaught park will be impacted by the LRT.

Your voice needs to be heard before Oct 31, 2016 to be taken into account in the environmental assessment process.

The City of Ottawa recently completed an Environmental Project Report (EPR) for the Confederation Line West LRT extension. This triggered a 30-day public review period starting Sept 29, 2016. The Province is required to consider any written objections to the transit project received within this period. All submissions must clearly indicate that an objection is being submitted and describe any negative impacts to matters of provincial importance (natural/cultural environment).

During the public review period, comments from all individuals carry the same weight.

You are encouraged to send your comments, questions, or concerns directly to the project contact listed below.

Update 2016-10-22. Concerns raised by the community include, but are not limited to: station access (paths from QTN), delays in or lack of communication from the city, security (rail line in park), height of rail, noise, and greenspace access during construction.

Attn: Gavin Battarino, Special Project Officer
Environmental Approvals Branch, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
135 St. Clair Avenue West, 1st Floor
Toronto ON M4V 1P5
General Inquiry: 416-314-8001
Toll Free: 800-461-6290
Fax: 416-314-8452

What is proposed to happen in QTN:

LRT QTN Map.png

  • An elevated alignment bridge (5m (16 ft) above grade) will cross over Pinecrest creek at the end of Henley pathway
  • An uncovered LRT track will cut through Connaught park and continue under Connaught Avenue through a tunnel
  • Pedestrian bridge replacement at Woodroffe High School (moved closer to Carling)
  • New Queensview station will have a pedestrian bridge to south side of Queensway, but no access from QTN
    Closure of Queensway station

Impacts to the community include:

  • Connaught park will not be accessible for at least 2 years
  • There will be visible over-pass on the edge of our green space

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