Community Garage Sale – Saturday September 8

The QTN Community Association has had several requests to organize an end-of-summer community yard sale. It’s a tight turn around but the most popular date with the Facebook group seems to be September 8th (rain date on the 9th). We will post signs again and publish some online ads. We will be looking for your feedback to see if a late summer/early fall community yard sale works better than the spring sales, where we are competing with several other neighbourhoods.

0 thoughts on “Community Garage Sale – Saturday September 8

  1. Heather says:

    Hello can you tell me what is the sign up date to be included on the list for the Garage Sale advertisement? Two years ago – I participated in the garage sale and put a lot of effort into its execution. Only to have people comment that I was the last on the list and by the time they came to our house they had not money left., They all told me that I had the best articles for sale but they did not have any money left by the time they got to our street.

  2. Patricia Rolland says:

    We are on Neville Street & are interested in participating in the Garage Sale for September 8.

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