Plans for the Future of QTN

The future of QTN is linked to a number of changes announced in the last month. Having a strong voice in decisions that affect our neighborhood will be critical in the next few years. Below are three issues your planning committee wants to flag for all residents:

Issue # 1 – Lincoln Fields Mall and Area Plan

The owners of Lincoln Fields Mall have submitted a partial plan to redevelop the mall. A new grocery store and a new drugstore will be built and the rest of the mall demolished. Then plans for the rest of the site will proceed. We know housing and other retail stores will be included, but plans are vague. At the same time the City of Ottawa is starting work on a larger plan for the area around the mall, from Carling Avenue to Richmond Road.

Replacement of the old mall and the new Lincoln Fields LRT station will change the way QTN residents relate to the streets and services on the north side of our neighborhood. Concerns include safe and easy access to the LRT station; what kind of services will be available in walking distance; green space; what kind of street Carling will be; and traffic and safety.

A first step is to ensure that the partial plans do not limit options for the full redevelopment. That concern is shared with other neighborhoods. A second step will be participation in the city planning process. Watch for further information on that.

Issue # 2 – Queensview Drive, LRT Station, and Pinecrest Overpass

On the south side of QTN, the new Queensview LRT Station and future development along Queensview Drive will also affect our neighborhood. A new pedestrian bridge over the Queensway will connect QTN with the commercial district and neighborhoods on the south side of the Queensway. The new LRT station will also lead to redevelopment along Queensview Drive – an opportunity and a challenge.

Reasonable access to the Queensview LRT station for residents of QTN remains an issue, as well as the impacts of redevelopment in that area. Earlier plans included upgrading the Queensway and the Pinecrest Overpass. The province has cancelled those plans. Lost with that are some options for noise attenuation. Noise levels are high from traffic and the bus barns. It was hoped this could be addressed during the upgrade of the highway.

Participation in the plans for future development on the south side of QTN will be important for the future of QTN.

Issue # 3 – Guidelines for Residential Area of QTN

New guidelines and policies for the residential area of QTN will be included in the Queensview/Pinecrest LRT Station Study. Central to this project is discussion of the character of QTN and how it should develop in the future. Your planning committee has submitted a preliminary description of what residents value about QTN and a list of issues to be addressed. This was based on recent public discussions. We invite input from more residents of QTN. Visit the planning page to see what was submitted and provide your input. Public meetings will be held in the next few months. Check the QTN website for notices of meetings and updates on the city’s plans.