Queensview/Pinecrest LRT Study Update

The Queensview/Pinecrest LRT Study is important for residents in QTN for three reasons as it will:

  • Shape development on the south side of our neighbourhood;
  • Address access to and impacts of the new LRT stations at Queensview and Pinecrest; and
  • Include new rules for in-fill housing in our neighborhood.

This month we learned that the LRT Study will take longer than expected. Public discussion of draft proposals will now be held in late fall, with approval likely sometime in the Spring of 2020. The QTN planning committee has provided initial input on the character of our neighborhood and issues to be addressed. Informal discussions continue on the best options to accommodate change and maintain what we value about QTN. The QTN planning page will continue to provide more information for interested residents and contact information if you want to discuss any planning issues.

In a related matter, the City of Ottawa is proposing new rules for front yards in mature neighborhoods like QTN. These rules will address concerns arising from in-fill projects on narrow lots; they will help to preserve green space and attractive streets for walking and biking, as well as safety. The QTN planning committee welcomes your suggestions or you can respond directly to the city planning department. Further information at: