Stage 2 LRT – Geotechnical Drilling (Update)

As part of the work for Stage 2 LRT, affected homes and businesses have been notified about geotechnical drilling. The City of Ottawa has also contacted QTNca, here’s is the most recent information:

Over the next few weeks, investigative geotechnical activities will occur at several areas along the planned alignment in the area of the future Queensview Station. Drill rigs will be used to drill boreholes of varying depths, in order to collect water and soil samples that will in part determine construction methodologies and materials. Approximate locations are marked on the attached aerial maps (see below). This work has occurred during overnight hours in areas where the planned alignment follows the Transitway, however these borehole locations near Queensview may move forward during regular construction hours.

For more information please consult the Public Notice – Stage 2 update.

Boreholes for Connaught Park

Boreholes for Queensview Station