Trees Matter for QTN: Review of Tree Bylaws in Ottawa

Tree-canopied streets and green spaces are named by QTN residents as one of the most valued features of our neighbourhood. They are also important assets as we deal with the impacts of climate change. Losing mature trees is sometimes unavoidable because of disease or other factors. Unfortunately though, sometimes it is also because of neglect or poor planning.

The City of Ottawa is reviewing its tree bylaws to better manage these community resources. A
submission by the QTN planning committee focuses on the need to take the impact on trees more seriously and consider them earlier in the planning process. All too often our members have been told that the impact of development projects on adjacent trees will be addressed by another office only to then have the tree cut down at a later date because it is “too late to save it”.

The lack of an integrated planning process is costly. The submission addresses these issues and also calls for different criteria for various kinds of trees, in addition to a pro-active approach to public education about preserving and replacing trees as an important part of what makes QTN an attractive neighbourhood.

You can read the submission by the planning committee here – QTN Submission for Review of Tree bylaws. If you have suggestions for how QTN can stay and become an even better green community,  please send a message to