Frank Ryan Park Consultation: Parks and Recreation Facilities

Frank Ryan Park is a highly-valued feature in QTN. But access from the south side is challenging, especially for people with strollers, wheel-chairs, and bikes. Upgrading the fieldhouse in the park has been a QTN priority for several years. It is unclear why half of the space in the fieldhouse is currently leased to a baseball group with no links to QTN while there is no community centre for local programming. These and other issues are being pursued by the QTN Board and planning committee.

This summer the City of Ottawa asked for input on city parks and recreation facilities. The QTN planning committee made a submission calling for the city to give a higher priority to the revitalization of Frank Ryan Park. As you might know, QTN is undergoing changes as part of the City’s intensification strategy; improving the facilities in Frank Ryan Park and having better access to the park could help build the kind of community connections that make for a healthy neighbourhood in times of change.

You can read the planning committee’s submission here – QTN Submission on Frank Ryan Park for Consultation on Parks and Recreation. If you have suggestions for this component
of our activities or any comments on how to better build a healthy community for QTN, contact the planning committee at

2 thoughts on “Frank Ryan Park Consultation: Parks and Recreation Facilities

  1. Jeff Faulds says:

    With regards to the baseball association that leases part of the field house:

    Once upon a time there were 3 baseball associations, Frank Ryan , Carlingwood and Pinecrest.

    Frank Ryan Little League used the building as it’s headquarters.

    About 8 years ago Frank Ryan and Carlingwood merged to become Frank Ryan-Carlingwood Little league and kept using the building.

    About 3 or 4 years ago Frank Ryan-Carlingwood and Pinecrest merged to become Ottawa West Little League and again continued to use the building.

    Frank Ryan park and it’s fields are used for kids from 5 up to 10 as well as for league photo nights, baseball clinics and baseball summer camps.

    Also, they are not using “half of the space in the field house”. They have one small room used as an office and a medium sized room used to store their equipment. The half of the building you are referring to also includes the life guard area, furnace room and a large washroom and hallway. The other side of the building has a matching hall way and washroom and the very large change room used for the hockey rink in the winter.

    • QTN says:

      Thanks for the context Jeff, we encourage you to continue to share your feedback and vision in order to make this building and park even better. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at as we absolutely want your input.

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