You’re Invited: Launch Event of Ottawa Muslim Community Services (March 10)

The Ottawa Muslim Community Services, via the Ottawa Police’s Partnership in Action, invites you to their launch event on March 10, 2020.  For more information please visit their Eventbrite page to register, here is some additional information from that site:

About this Event
Established in 2017, Ottawa Muslim Community Services (OMCS) is a charitable organization that aims to build a stronger, healthier community and increase accessibility through mobile social services, education and collaboration. We help bridge gaps between services and communities through education, training and partnerships.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of social services, the OMCS team works in collaboration with many local agencies such as The William Haye Centre, Tarbiyaah Learning, Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, Rubiks Counselling, MFSO and SWCHC, to help provide more accessible religious and culturally appropriate services to youth and adults.

Let us pour you a cup of coffee on March 10 and tell you more about us, our services and current collaborations. Hear first hand from our partners about past and current project and their experiences working the the OMCS team.