Shaping Our Community – Tell Us More!


The Survey is complete.  We received 163 responses. The highlights are presented at this link.

The raw data file is available for download here.  Note, there is no personally identifying information in this F and B Survey (Responses).  

The QTN planning committee is working on multiple fronts including providing input into the city’s official plan, development of berms in Connaught Park, sidewalks, and of course committee of adjustment community input.

We are all looking forward to post-Covid living including taking time out for a meal or a drink with friends and family.  To that end, we are also looking to shape the development of Lincoln Fields and Queensview drive, where a new LRT station is being built. Prior survey data suggested we all want to see a coffee shop at the Queensview Station.

The committee is looking to gather additional input from a host of communities that surround these two areas. This information will be shared with known establishments and entrepreneurs that are looking for communities to invest in.

We would encourage you to visit this short survey link to anonymously share your preferences and habits.

In light of these challenging times, we would also encourage you to frequent your existing coffee shops and restaurants for take-away orders.  They need your patronage and can help lighten your workload at home during these challenging times.
If you would like to see the results of the survey, bookmark this page and look for an updated link to the results that will be compiled and posted towards the end of December 2020.