Community Meeting Regarding 830 and 840 Alpine Avenue – Minor Variance and Severance Application

Novatech has been retained to prepare and file minor variance and severance applications to facilitate the development of two semi-detached buildings and one detached dwelling on the lands municipally known as 830 and 840 Alpine Avenue. The proposed development has been designed around the preservation of the large mature tree located in the front yard of the subject properties.

The proposed site plan is as follows.  We have annotated it to provide clarity over the number of dwellings that are expected to be erected.

The artist rendering of the dwelling types is as follows:

Minor variances for lot area and lot width are required to support efficient building design while fitting in with surrounding lots. Minor variances for increased height and reduced setbacks are required to preserve the mature tree located in the front yard. Minor variances for the projection of the decks support effective use of the rear yard space.

Novatech is hosting a virtual community meeting is planned for Thursday November 19th at 7:00pm-8:30pm to further discuss this proposal. The meeting will take place through the “Zoom” application. Please email for more information and an invitation to the community meeting.

The original PDF invitation from Novatech is here.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to the undersigned. Taylor West, M.Sc. (Planning) | Planner, NOVATECH Engineers, Planners & Landscape Architects

13 thoughts on “Community Meeting Regarding 830 and 840 Alpine Avenue – Minor Variance and Severance Application

    • Andy says:

      Hello there. You need to contact the host of the event to get an invitation. The link to email and contact of the host is in the blog entry. Thanks!


    My concern relates to parking. If each household has 2 cars each that’s 10 cars on these two lots! Will this likely mean that 5 of these cars will be parked on the road and lead to more congestion? When the semi-detached homes have a single driveway one car may end up parking on the main road. It could be a safety issue for pedestrians and school children. Add a city and school bus; construction vehicles and the main roads become congested. If there is no other option as families seem to have 2 cars, could it be possible that the church or school parking lots become overflow parking overnight?? Or similar to Andy’s tool inventory we establish an inventory of vacant driveways where people with no cars or snowbirds away for the winter might rent out their driveway? It would be great to reduce the number of cars parked on the main roads. Some mornings I waited more than 10 minutes on Alpine to enter Carling Ave. Imagine the back-up of traffic with extra cars parked on Alpine.

    • Andy Church says:

      Please join in on the meeting this Thursday. Please encourage your neighbors to attend, learn and pose questions.

  2. Michael O'Byrne says:

    I agree with Annette’s concern. Getting a permit to infil appears to be a rubber stamp process. Not enough attention is being brought to bear on the problems that this creates. The safety of children and adults, walking or cyling are not given enough weight. The reality is that most families now are two car families. A further reality is that people do have visitors, many of whom will arrive by car. We already have a problem with snow clearing due to the obstruction caused by parked cars and this is only going to get worse.
    I recently read an article by Randall Denley who noted that at the hearing he attended, it was obvious to all present that the developers were all well known and chummy with the councillors and that this gave the taxpayers who attended a sense of unfairness from the start. I think this is a feeling that most taxpayers share. Infil is changing the face of many neighbourhoods in Ottawa. It is changing the face of Ottawa itself. Hopefully, come the next municipal election, someone will ask each candidate how many infils they have approved.

  3. Andy Church says:

    These are valid concerns many feel. We are hoping you will bring this new application to the attention of all your neighbors. The QTN planning committee encourages people to listen in and offer their feedback at the upcoming meeting with the developer.

    We will be formulating an official response to the proposal at the Committee of Adjustment meeting in December.

  4. Janet O says:

    Does anyone know if the 2 new units at 846 and/or any of the proposed new units include separate secondary suites (ie. basement rental units) ? It looks like the new semi-detached units at 846 have separate side entrances (in addition to the front entrances) that would appear to be secondary units, but I am not sure if that is what they are. While secondary rental units do not take up more space, they do have the possibility of adding additional vehicle traffic to an already busy street. Would be interesting to know how many (if any) of the 9 new and proposed homes for the stretch of Alpine outlined in Andy’s Facebook post have this feature.

    • Andy Church says:

      Worth a walk-buy. If you see a doorbell and a second hydro meter, that is a sure sign.

  5. Jack says:

    The developers said they would redraw plans (and if I recall correctly, even presented new drawings sans side-doors at the committee meeting) without sidedoors, claiming they would not go ahead with the basement units. They lied. They said they’ll do everything possible to save the massive ancient tree on the front lawn. They lied. These developers will tell us anything to shut us up and prove to the variance committee that they listened to neighbours, get their approvals and move ahead with whatever they want. We can hoot and holler all we want but this entire process has left me demoralized.

    • Andy Church says:

      Thanks for this. Any chance you know the name of the developer and the firm they retained to help them with the approvals? I can look this up if need be. If so please email qtncommunity at gmail dot com.

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