Volunteers needed: Lets beautify the Elmhurst paths on March 30 & April 2!

We are calling all walkers, dog walkers, bird watchers, and anyone who likes exploring the trails in QTN.

We need your help to spread mulch along the paths in Elmhurst Park and are asking that as you finish your day tomorrow (March 30), to meet us at the corner of Alpine and Henley starting at 3:00 PM. Please bring your mask, a shovel or a rake, and if possible – a wheelbarrow.

Update: due to the amount of paths to cover, we will also be working on Friday April 2nd start at 8:00 AM until around 12:00 PM.

Update: Brent from Pilon Landworks (http://www.pilonlandworks.ca/ thank you!) will be helping the community with a tractor and shuttling mulch to the park entrances as of 10:00 AM. On April 2nd if you are:
  • Starting at 8:00 AM? Meet us at Alpine entrance
  • Starting at 10:00 AM? Meet us at the Elmhurst entrances

Why the short notice?

As part of the City’s Queensway Terrace Storm Sewer Rehabilitation project, a number of trees had to be taken down along the north side of Henley Street to make way for new infrastructure (storm sewer and sidewalk). Our natural environment  committee, along with many of your neighbours, arranged to have the mulch from this work kept on site and the City approved its use for beautifying local paths! Since the trees have just been cut, it is important that we spread the mulch as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!