LDD moth egg mass removal: Information session & call for volunteers

QTNca’s Natural Environment committee will be hosting an information session on the Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD, i.e. European Gypsy Moth) egg mass removal and is also calling for volunteers to help remove egg masses throughout the community. See below for more information on these events!

UPDATED – Information session on egg mass removal – Nov 6 @ 2:00 PM

This short session on how to remove LDD egg masses will take place on Arkell Street during the weekend on November 6 @ 2:00 PM, weather dependent. Removing egg masses now is a way to reduce the number of caterpillars that will hatch in the spring. If you are interested in this session or missed it and are still interested, please email nature.qtn@gmail.com to get the details.

We encourage you to attend the session to learn how you can remove the egg mass from your property. Want to learn more about the LDD and what the City of Ottawa is doing, click here: https://ottawa.ca/en/living-ottawa/environment-conservation-and-climate/trees-and-urban-forests/tree-and-forest-health/gypsy-moths#current-status

Call for volunteers to remove egg masses – Anytime you’re free!

We are looking for volunteers to assist in the removal of LDD egg masses from trees in Frank Ryan Park and Elmhurst Park. Safety first: Egg masses within arm’s reach will be targeted. Those who volunteer will be asked to attend our information session on how to safely remove the egg masses. The removal will be done on your own schedule. Special call for those in need of volunteering hours for high school or other requirements. If you are interested, please email nature.qtn@gmail.com for more information.