New Bulletin Board in Frank Ryan Park

Wonder what is happening in QTN? Want to let others know about community activities? QTN now has a Community Bulletin Board in Frank Ryan Park (located between the playground and garden beds). Check it out when you walk through the Park!

You can also use it to let other residents know about community activities. Create a poster and leave it in the mailbox at 937 Alpine Avenue. Kathy Vandergrift, President of QTNca, will put it in the case. The case is locked to prevent vandalism.

THANKS and APPRECIATION: Thanks go to Councillor Kavanagh’s office for helping QTNca obtain this new tool to share news within our community. Let’s use it well to build community spirit.

2 thoughts on “New Bulletin Board in Frank Ryan Park

  1. Jean says:

    Has anyone else noticed the increase in volume of cars trucks etc going up & down Dundee Ave
    I would love to know.

  2. Joseph Trus says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with the motorcycle guy who lives on the North end of Maplewood who roars his Harley up Maplewood & Pinewood every weekday morning at 5:30 am? He wakes me up every time he roars by.

    I stopped him last year & explained that he wakes me up every time he comes by & would he please drive slowly and not rev until he is out of the neighbourhood.. His reply was “Its a free country”.

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