QTN Continues Advocacy on New Secondary Plans

QTN’s Planning Committee continues to work for improvements in proposed new Secondary Plans for the  Pinecrest/Queensview Station area, which includes our neighborhood, and the Lincoln Fields Plan, with includes Carling Avenue along QTN.  There will be public meetings on both plans in the coming months, before they go to the City Planning Committee and City Council.  Both plans will have significant impacts for life in QTN, for many years to come.

Following are some of the issues raised by the QTN Planning Committee:

  • Better connections for easy access to LRT and new services in these areas;
  • Inclusion of community services in new developments
  • Safe walking and biking; safe crossings of Carling and Pinecrest; and careful attention to traffic at intersections along Pinecrest and Carling.
  • Reduction of noise, especially on the south side of QTN
  • Green space, useable park spaces, friendly streets, trees
  • Replace “bus barns” with recreation center and/or other community services.

Watch for more details in the next month.  If you have questions or suggestions, send a message to qtncommunity@gmail.com.   The Chair of the QTN Planning Committee will respond and share more details about the process.