LRT: Schedule for Completion and Noise

QTN residents have been dealing with construction noise, traffic, and other disruptions related to the LRT Phase II project for several years already.  It was disappointing to learn about further delays in completion of specific elements, such as the pedestrian bridge in Connaught Park, and the whole project.  The QTN planning committee sent a letter to OC Transpo and Councillor Kavanagh asking for a review of the construction schedule with an eye to reducing the impacts for neighbors and restoring use of paths and green space as soon as possible.  In addition, we asked for a community meeting to discuss what might be done to reduce short-term construction noise, especially late at night.

On March 22 there will be a ward-wide update on the LRT project, hosted by Councillor Kavanagh. Check here to register.   If and when we have information about a separate meeting to work through the shorter term construction noise issues, we will send another message.