Gardening in QTN

Yard SHare Program in QTN

 Do you have a garden plot that you no longer want to use?

Would you like to grow some food but don’t have space for a garden?

A Yard Share could be just what you need!

The Yard Share program connects landowners with individuals or groups who are interested in using the land to grow plants, vegetables, or flowers. This initiative is a great way for landowners to make use of their yards or unused land while providing a valuable service to the community. It also provides an opportunity for those who don’t have the space to garden to grow their own produce or beautify the neighborhood with plants.

Yard Share programs are becoming increasingly popular in communities across the country to promote sustainability and community building.

If you’re a landowner with an unused yard or land, consider joining the QTN Yard Share program. You’ll be making a positive impact on your community and helping to create a more sustainable future.  Email us with the subject: Landowner!

And if you’re a gardener without a yard, don’t hesitate to join the QTN Yard Share programs to see how you can get involved. Email us with the subject: Gardener!