Frank Ryan Fitness Park

Would you like to include physical exercise on your walk through the park?  Are you interested in outdoor fitness training? Or do you want a place to meet friends and stretch some muscles together?  If your answer is yes, the good news is that plans for adding a Fitness Park in Frank Ryan Park are moving forward.  This project will provide a no-cost way to stay healthy and have some fun right close to home.  All residents of all ages will be able to enjoy it, alone, in groups, or through clubs and training programs that will use the site.

QTNca has been awarded a City of Ottawa Major Capital Grant to pay for half the costs of installing a Fitness Park, complete with signage and instructions on how to make use of it. We have $100,000 in trust;  we need to match that with another $100,000 through grants or donations from other sources.  A team of volunteers has formed to lead this effort.  If you are interested in this, click below to check out the details.

Do you work for a company that makes donations to community projects that promote healthy living? Do you know of possible sources of funds for initiatives like this?   If you have ideas for sources of funding, please contact the Fitness Project team through the project website or send a message to Your suggestions could make this a reality in QTN. has been embedded below for more details and the most recent update: