Couldn’t make the AGM? Here’s what you missed

Missed the AGM and want to see what was presented? We have made our presentation available here: 2019-10-23 AGM Presentation (PDF). In addition to the presentation, we solicited:

  1. Volunteers for upcoming events (e.g., carnival, rink, etc)
  2. Feedback to prioritize the association’s work in the coming year (the survey is still open!); and
  3. Feedback on how you define the Character of QTN;

If you are interested in volunteering or would like a neighbourhood initiative promoted, please reach out to

4 thoughts on “Couldn’t make the AGM? Here’s what you missed

  1. David Sharpe says:

    I see that perhaps the biggest event to ever affect QTN, the LRT right of way and construction through Connaught Park, still continues to generate no interest from QTN residents, especially the quorum west of Connaught Avenue; nothing in any of the electronic bulletins.

    • QTN says:

      The topic is of high interest to many and we continue to engage the city and community. The feedback we have received does not suggest a lack of interest in the community at large and we will continue active engagement on this topic for the foreseeable future with all stakeholders. Please reach out to us if there are particular items you wish to be engaged on, our planning committee is focused on topics like the LRT and there will be upcoming city events such as the upcoming Station Studies.

  2. Donald Judd says:

    Not only am I interested in the right of way, I am also interested in the Queensview station but I also want to find out what is happening to Llincoln Fields and when e can expect updates. For example, when is Wendy’s to be rebuilt, When is the construction begin for Rexall (which I understand doesn’t need deconstruction to begin). When is the main part of the mall to be smashed down? In other words, what is the time line for all of this development?

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