Update on Connaught Park: Your Feedback and Start of Construction

Your feedback is instrumental

We would like to thank the over 30 individuals who included us on their emails while participating in the Connaught Park landscaping plan consultation. In addition, we’re aware of many more individuals who took the time to provide thoughtful and meaningful input on this important project. We continue to work with the involved parties to ensure your suggestions are both understood and meaningfully considered – we will provide periodic updates as we pursue tangible solutions.

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While we are engaged on the LRT projects in QTN, for project updates and official communications we encourage you to subscribe to the City’s official Project newsletters – for the west extension as well as all the stations you wish to follow. Public notices, by mail, are only distributed within limited areas so to ensure you receive a copy of these important messages please make sure to subscribe to the appropriate station newsletters.

What’s next? Construction is starting

The City has made us aware of an imminent public notice related to the commencement of construction in Connaught Park (click here to access it). To begin this project, utility relocation will commence in Connaught Park next month followed by similar work on Connaught and Hanlon later this summer (~June). Prior to this commencing you will see signage, fences, and construction equipment being erected in Connaught Park (Note: the baseball diamond will become a staging site for several years).

Following this, construction on the tunnel portion of the LRT will begin – including the cut and cover section on Connaught Ave. Detours and delays are expected but access will remain throughout (e.g., steel plates as covers similar to what you might see with sewer work). Construction this year will focus primarily on the substructure with completion of the superstructure next year.

Additionally, excavation work will be beginning on the south side of the current OC Transpo facility and we have been informed that crews will be using Queensview Drive and exiting towards Pinecrest (i.e., not through the neighbourhood).

We hope that this update provides some clarity on what you might see while walking the neighbourhood during these challenging times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ourselves (qtncommunity@gmail.com) or the Stage 2 Project Team (stage2@ottawa.ca).