Update on Berms and LRT in Connaught Park: Deadline extended to April 20

We would like to share that you have a few more days to take a look at plans for berms in Connaught Park and send in your thoughts. The deadline was extended to April 20, after your association asked for more time.

Thanks to those who have already spoken up. More voices will help get the best possible design.

Go to www.connaughtpinecrest.ca  to see photos and respond (higher resolution PDFs are available in our previous post). If you copy qtncommunity@gmail.ca on your response, we will help ensure that residents get answers to their questions and concerns.

Based on your feedback, three points are emerging as priorities for QTN residents:

  1. The fly-over, berms, and tree-plantings need to be designed together in a way that reduces the visual and noise impact of the LRT for residents and users of the public green space.
  2. The berms need to be part of a user-friendly landscape plan that includes convenient paths for biking and walking; recreational uses; a variety of trees, including fruit trees;  quiet spaces and spaces for dog-walkers; with possibilities for other uses such as a community garden.
  3. The landscape plan needs to ensure good drainage, allow for renewal of the Pinecrest Creek, and ensure good connectivity to LRT stations and other destinations.