Act now, April 15 deadline – Public consultation on Berms and LRT through QTN

We just learned that public input for the proposed berms between the Connaught Park LRT fly-over and QTN community has been opened for feedback. You can participate by visiting – note that the consultation closes on April 15, one week from today.

We are asking you to show that QTN residents care about what happens in Connaught Park by going to the website and providing some feedback. Provide your own views, ask questions, ask for more information. Most important at this time is to let the contractor and the National Capital Commission know that QTN residents care and that the impacts for our neighborhood need to be considered in the design of both the LRT structure itself and the berms and landscaping that go along with it.

QTN is more than a corridor to get from Kanata to downtown. How the LRT is designed and built through our area will have long-term impacts. Your voice now will help ensure that we get the best possible design of both the fly-over and what is done to mitigate the visual and sound impacts of a tall and large structure that will be part of our future reality.

We are troubled by the lack of detailed information as well as the limited ways and time provided for consultation. Your community association representatives sit a working group established by Councillor Kavanaugh and we will continue to work hard to make sure that the shared concerns and positive suggestions of QTN residents are considered.

When sending your feedback to, if you copy – or contact us separately – we will follow up as the process moves into the next stages after this one week email consultation has completed. Our ability to be effective depends on working together as a community. Other communities have seen changes to benefit their communities.

We will do our best; we need your help now. Let your neighbors know and encourage them to respond as well.

For additional information, please see our earlier post regarding Updates on LRT Phase 2

Update #1 – Higher-resolution PDF Drawings

It has come to our attention that the consultation website drawings are difficult to read. Here are a pair of PDF documents that the Stage 2 LRT team has shared with us of Connaught Park and Pinecrest (note: the drawing is labelled Pinecrest but the berm is actually in Bel-Air Park off Woodroffe).

Update #2 – Deadline modified to April 20

Originally the contractor’s website listed a deadline of April 15th, this has been modified to April 20th. We have also been made aware of a Public Consultation Notice (PDF, bilingual) detailing aspects of the consultation process.

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