Are you interested in free mulch? We’re going fully circular!

The Christmas trees you donated will be chipped and distributed for use by the QTN community. The chipping will take place as soon as our sponsor (Woody’s Tree Service – thank you!), can start his field season (as early as next week).

If you are interested in some free mulch, complete this form (opportunity closed) and you will be entered into a lottery (the number of names drawn will depend on demand). The mulch will need to be picked up on the same say as the chipping.

If your name is drawn, you will be notified of the chipping on short notice and will need to be available to pickup your share from Frank Ryan park (bring wheelbarrow or bag) on the day of the chipping.

We would like to offer the mulch to as many people as possible while making sure each gets a fair amount. We plan for each selected participant to get approximately a minimum of one paper yard waste bag of mulch each. This is a first for us so thanks in advance for your patience and collaboration.

4 thoughts on “Are you interested in free mulch? We’re going fully circular!

  1. Patricia O'Brien & Sean Souter says:

    Thank you for offering our community the opportunity to be entered into the lottery for mulch. What a great way to make use of our Christmas trees!

  2. Rob Johnston says:

    I snoozed, I lost, nuts! Maybe next year.

    Can anyone who received the mulch comment on its quality? Full of tinsel and metal hooks or quite clean?

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