Have Your Say: Local Priorities for Use of QTN Park Spaces

What would you like to see in our local parks?

In QTN, we have three distinct parks (Frank Ryan, Elmhurst, and Connaught) and other possibilities. Residents have various priorities for uses of park spaces and we would like to learn more. Please take a moment to complete our  brief survey (6 questions) by May 21, 2021, your input will help to inform local planning for use of park spaces. QTNca will report back the results and facilitate further discussions with the community and City.

If you have any questions or would like more information please send us a message: qtncommunity@gmail.com.

10 thoughts on “Have Your Say: Local Priorities for Use of QTN Park Spaces

  1. Wendy Killeen says:

    As a senior I enjoy parks with veggie gardens, a horseshoe pit or area to play bocce, shade trees and kiddie pools over splash pads.

  2. Colleen Bruski says:

    It would be great to see the exercise stations (and their paths) that were enjoyed decades ago re-established in the Frank Ryan Park woodland. At present, they are hidden and either inaccessible or in a state of dangerous disrepair. In general, the FRP woodland grounds and paths are in need of proper attention and management.

  3. Peter Kielland says:

    1) I’ve made a rudimentary webpage showing the state of forestry in the park.

    2) Regarding self-guided tours: here’s another webpage that’s worth visiting:

    Explore the left side menu to discover excellent information for touring the city parks. Each park has a good text description and photos as well as a link to a large-scale map of its features and amenities. QTN could do a similar webpage for our parks and anyone with a smartphone would have excellent guidance.

    Providing a virtual tour webpage (with posted URL at the entrance) leaves the park footpaths pristine and free of signage that would ultimately detract from their natural beauty.

  4. Heather J. MARTELOCK says:

    years ago when the exercise stations were put in they were used for approximately 5 to 7 years then rarely and as one can see they have fallen into disrepair from that lack of use. First there should be an actual maintenance program by the community and a definite use of said structures for a much longer period of time or it will be just more rusted useless waste.. As for the clearing of the paths….they were always rough and delightful….we; those who grew up here; were able to use the bush and what was the large swamp area below…but there were very few of us then and most of all these wood, swamp, stream and fields were not developed…..now to cut up more, clear even more out of these old areas is to destroy wildlife and people friendly spaces.

    Heather J. Martelock

  5. Jan says:

    Fitness stations, would be great additions. Please protect the forest we already have – it is a tremendous asset.

    People use this park for stargazing – it has less light pollution than other nearby areas and a reasonable field of view – please do not add more lights. There are numerous studies about the importance of dark sky access to the health of citizens and protection of migratory birds and insects. https://www.darksky.org/light-pollution/human-health/

  6. Alex Legault says:

    The form seems to be locked for responses, I just want to add that the closure of the dog park has had a marked influence on the social behaviour of our dogs. Leash frustration, anxiety, and fear responses have all been made worse. The construction is necessary and COVID has made it worse, but going forward more off-leash space (to make up for the amount we’re losing to the LRT line) will be good for the health of our dogs, giving them space to socialize away from the street.

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