Information Session on Alpine Speed Humps (Oct 4)

proposed speed bumps on alpine ave between henley and elmhurst

There is an upcoming public consultation on October 4 about traffic calming measures proposed for Alpine Avenue. The community asked for a pedestrian crossover to help people travelling to and from Frank Ryan Park across Alpine Avenue at Henley. The city examined the crossing and the study found that the area meets the threshold for this kind of measure, but traffic is too fast for the engineering guidelines. The city is proposing to add speed humps on Alpine to slow down traffic approaching this busy crossing. The post-construction road design for Alpine will also include a bulb-out on the end of the new Henley sidewalk that will narrow the crossing for pedestrians.

The meeting will take place on Monday, October 4th from 6:30 – 7:30. 

To register, email and for more information, go to

One thought on “Information Session on Alpine Speed Humps (Oct 4)

  1. Annette Dillon says:

    I printed some copies for seniors that are not on Facebook; do drive and walk through this community. Their insights and lived experience in this community should be insightful . I asked BayWard Office if seniors without internet could dial into the call. Do you know if they can? Thanks

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