QTN and Ottawa’s New Official Plan

Ottawa’s new Official Plan will have major impacts for QTN, as a transition neighbourhood between two LRT stations. QTN is asking for amendments to the revised plan to ensure that intensification enhances rather than erodes strong neighborhoods, like QTN.

Click here to read QTN’s submission for formal hearings on revised plan.

Earlier  QTN Planning Committee made a submission in response to the Draft Official Plan. 2021-02 QTNca and the New Official Plan. Some of our suggestions are reflected in the revised version of the draft plan.

One thought on “QTN and Ottawa’s New Official Plan

  1. Terry Rolland says:

    We have people who are buying home on Neville Street and want to live in with family but want to build extra bedrooms in basement and rent out. Is this allowed in on my Street?

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