Connaught Park: Survey feedback on Noise Wall and Landscape Plan

Thank you to all our neighbours who provided feedback on the noise mitigation and landscape plan through our survey (now closed) and/or by sending feedback directly to

Two thirds of respondents supported a stone-like noise barrier wall (Figure 1, Option C) that is covered in vines (Figure 2). We also received many great suggestions on tree varieties such as ensuring an adequate number of evergreens, providing a mix of species, and groupings of various fruit trees. Your feedback will be brought forward to the City and the Stage 2 LRT team.

Additionally, we continue to pursue other questions about the noise study, especially for areas close to the fly-over, the curve going to Baseline, and the area between Carling and the fly-over. We will report back again after the next meeting of the Public Advisory Committee. There will also be a full public meeting before the noise mitigation and landscape plans are finally approved.

Figure 1 – 65% opted for a stone-textured wall


Figure 2 – 67% want as many vines as possible