Trees and Green Spaces in New City Plans

The “green” nature of QTN is consistently named as what people value about this neighborhood.

In-fill projects can mean the loss of mature trees or they can be planned to protect and even enhance the tree canopy and green spaces in QTN. Will new plans for this area help or erode the green nature of QTN? This is one of the questions for discussion at a public meeting on October 12.

As well as making QTN an attractive neighborhood, shade trees and green space will be important to adapt to the increased hot weather and sudden storms that are already part of climate change. What climate-friendly ways of building should be part of the new plans for this area?

Join your neighbors to discuss the future of QTN and meet the three Bay Ward candidates for City Council. October 12. 7 p.m. Britannia United Church, 985 Pinecrest Road.