Fitness Center in Frank Ryan Park?

Do you think adding a fitness center in Frank Ryan would be a good idea? Some residents would like this and some have concerns. Discussion of this is at an early stage.  No firm decisions have been made.

QTNca applied for a major grant to start a process that includes community consultation, discussion of location, specific plans, funding, etc. Key to all of these is the level of interest in the community and potential use.  There are two opportunities to register your views.

1. City of Ottawa Survey:  This project is one of seven proposals made to the City Parks Department for consideration under its Community Partnership Major Capital Program.  The City is soliciting feedback on any one or all of the proposals.   There is one open-ended question:   Please provide input on any of the major capital partnership proposals of interest to you.   The City wants to know the views of all residents, especially those who live close to proposed projects. You can register your views by going to the Engage Ottawa website at Community Partnership Major Capital Program or you can send an e-mail directly to the City staff person responsible for the major grant program, Coran Graham at Deadline is July 26.
2. On-line survey in QTN: This survey allows you to provide more detailed input about what you would like to see and questions/concerns you may have. The findings will be used to inform on-going discussion of this idea. Go to: https: 

Other Features in Frank Ryan Park under Discussion:   Early planning has started for a new community center to replace the old fieldhouse, half of which is baseball storage and can’t be used by the community for any other purpose.  The need for a community gathering place is a long-standing need in QTN.  Funding is in place to replace the small playground structure.   Repairing the tennis courts is also under discussion.  Any plans for fitness equipment will be integrated with the plans for other features in Frank Ryan Park