Update on LRT work in Connaught Park (noise bylaw exception)

We are sharing, on behalf of Coun. Kavanagh’s office, the following update on LRT work in Connaught Park. We hope it provides some clarification on the noise this past evening and some clarity on when it might re-occur. If you have any concerns with this work please contact the Stage 2 LRT team directly and copy Coun. Kavanaugh as well as the association if you wish to share your feedback.

KEV has been granted a noise bylaw exception for concrete pouring of one single shaft tonight June 19th from 4am – 7am in the area of the transitway.

For this one night prior to notification being sent on Monday, they’ve committed the following:

  1. Only concrete trucks will be used for one pour, and they will access the site via the Transitway only
  2. Broadband back-up alarms would be used and no other activity or equipment will be operational until daytime
  3. They are giving their word that this work will not keep residents awake or be disruptive to any residents, understanding that if this is not the same their subsequent noise by-law exemptions requests will be at risk

Then, the rest of the work would resume on Wednesday after notifications of the noise exemption have been issued.

The regular noise exemption is listed below.

KEV has been granted a noise bylaw exemption permit from June 23rd to July 31st for flyover bridge drilled shaft concrete pouring work in Connaught Park. The equipment required for these works are a drilling rig, crane, generator, and misc trucks.

The closest residents to these works are approximately 130 metres away on Connaught Ave. KEV is currently drafting a public notice with the intention of distributing the day the work is set to begin.

KEV has provided the following rationale for night work for this particular activity:

  1. We have to maintain a concrete delivery temperature of 20C for our shafts; typically ice would be used to reduce the temperature of the concrete, however since we are using a self-consolidating concrete mix we don’t have much opportunity for adding ice.
  2. Moving the concrete placement to 4am, with wetting aggregates during the daytime, and using chilled water and the allowable amount of ice is the only way for us to meet the delivery temperature requirements
  3. For these reasons we request a start time of midnight so we have enough time to clean out the shaft, get it inspected, place the rebar cage and center it, after which the concrete placement can start.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    I live on Connaught and received ZERO notice! More BS from the City and the LRT crew!

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