Upcoming consultation: Stage 2 O-Train West Connectivity Enhancement Study

As you may be aware, the City of Ottawa is undergoing a Connectivity Enhancement Study (click to view) for all Stage 2 LRT stations. This study will answer questions such as how you will access each station and ask you whether you feel the new paths and connections will allow you to get where you need to go.

It is anticipated that the period for public comments for the stations that impact you – Lincoln Fields, Queensview, and Pinecrest – will be announced shortly, possibly this week, and be open for comments for two weeks. We strongly encourage you to participate in this study to provide feedback on the placement and appropriateness of the connections to LRT stations.

We will share more information as soon as the opportunity is available on the City’s Stage 2 LRT website. We would have preferred to host a public meeting, but given the current circumstances, we must communicate by email instead. Please contact us at qtncommunity@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further.