Connectivity review: Speak up about your route to the LRT & Update on Berms

How will you access future LRT stations in our area – Lincoln Fields, Queensview, and Pinecrest? Will the new paths allow you to get where you need to go? Are they well placed? Do they need improvements?

Your access to future LRT stations is the central question to be answered by the Connectivity Enhancement Study by the City of Ottawa. You have an opportunity to review the plan and provide feedback between June 26 and July 10, 2020.

Your Voice Matters

It is important that QTN residents speak up, and use this process to show community interest for safe, adequate access to this major infrastructure project. We strongly encourage you to review the plan (click to view). To help ensure your feedback is taken seriously and to allow the association to support residents, please copy on your response to the City’s consultation.


Several QTNca board members participated in a meeting with the City of Ottawa on the Connectivity Enhancement Study. We continued to highlight the need for:

  • Improved and direct access to LRT stations for pedestrians, cyclists, and persons with disabilities;
  • Ensuring the proposed pathways provide safe, year-round access to the LRT;
  • Reducing the impacts of visual and sound pollution from the LRT;
  • Maintaining and enhancing green space; and,
  • Improving the communication of plans and providing opportunities for genuine community consultation.

Communication and genuine consultation has been an issue throughout the project. Residents of QTN continue to receive information after decisions have been made. Also, our opportunities to review the options are limited and brief. We must use this opportunity to have our voices heard.

We have seen a few improvements in the access to future LRT stations, but these improvements are not enough. For example, while there is now a feasibility study of an additional connection from Severn Ave to Queensview station, this important connection needs to be part of the plan, and fully funded. Millions of dollars have been allocated towards a bridge to connect those south of the Queensway to the Queensview station, but access from streets north of Queensview (Moncton Rd, Severn Ave), continues to be a problem.

Safety concerns on sections of the connectivity plan are ongoing. For example, the proposed pathway from Roman Avenue is located between the Queensway and the OC Transpo Depot, rather than closer to the houses along Severn Ave. How do you feel about this connection?

Access to Lincoln Fields station from QTN is improving with the creation of a new Multi-Use Pathway however, connections to Lincoln Fields Mall have not been included and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway on/off ramps are not seeing safety improvements despite a plan to implement cycling infrastructure along Carling Ave.

Connaught Park Update: Berms

A drainage study has been completed and the berms are being redesigned to address a number of your concerns. This is part of the approval process by the National Capital Commission (NCC), which controls land uses in Connaught Park.  QTNca representatives have worked to keep your concerns a high priority by submitting two letters during the public consultation and continuing to engage in stakeholder meetings that bring together KEV, the NCC, Councillor Kavanaugh, and City staff.  The NCC review of the final design is expected to finish in in mid to late July so we anticipate receipt of additional details shortly thereafter.

Have questions? Want to discuss?

As previously mentioned, we would have preferred to host a public meeting, but given the current circumstances, we must communicate by email instead. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss further.