We want your input: Lincoln Fields, Queensview, Local Paths and the Future of QTN

Queensview Drive and Lincoln Fields Surveys

Big changes for future development on Queensview Drive and Lincoln Fields/Carling will be included in Ottawa’s new Official Plan, expected this fall. What happens on the south and north boundaries of QTN will have major impacts for residents living here. Higher density and mixed commercial/residential development are expected as these areas become hubs close to LRT stations.

Earlier we were told there would be stakeholder discussion and community input as part of secondary plan processes for both locations. Those are now delayed until after the major decisions are made in the Official Plan. That makes it more challenging to develop a common community position and have our voices heard, since the Official Plan will set directions for development in the whole city.

The QTN planning committee is raising several concerns related to each area for consideration in the planning process. Good connections, for example, and preserving green spaces are high priorities, along with reducing high noise levels near Queensview Drive and safer crossings of Carling Avenue.

We also encourage all residents to imagine what the future could be and discuss it with your neighbours and friends in the area. Would you like to see more shops and services on Queensview Drive, reachable on foot or by bike, without the traffic of Carling Avenue? Should affordable housing be a high priority? Could QTN become a 15-minute neighborhood? That refers to living in a place where you can access services, transit, etc. within a 15-minute walk. How do we prepare for the impacts of climate change?

For now, you can register your views through two surveys:

  1. Lincoln Fields & Queensview Drive Surveys: Britannia Village Community Association is sponsoring a survey about redevelopment of Lincoln Fields for all the neighborhoods around it. Please consider taking a few moments to participate. We will get and report the results of the survey as part of further discussion.

Click here to access the Lincoln Fields Survey (includes Queensview Drive survey)

  1. Queensview Drive Survey: QTNca is sponsoring a survey about the future of Queensview Drive. Questions specific to Queensview Drive can be answered using the survey link below or as part of the Britannia Village survey above:

Click here to access the Queensview Drive survey

If you would like to send a separate message or engage in further discussion, please send an e-mail to qtncommunity@gmail.com. QTNca’s planning committee will consider your views in their work and you will receive a response from the Chair of that Committee, Kathy Vandergrift.

As we learn more about what will be in the draft Official Plan, we will keep you informed and find a way to hold some discussion and engage with our City Councillor or make formal submissions to City Council.

REMINDER – Provide feedback on our local paths (July 10)

July 10 is the deadline to speak up about the pathways that you will use to get to the new LRT stations. We strongly recommend you review and comment on the proposed plans (click to view). We need strong community support to push for a better connection between QTN and Queensview Station and safe crossings to Lincoln Fields. For more information on this please see our earlier message on paths.

Kathy Vandergrift, Chair of Planning Committee, Vice-Chair of Board

One thought on “We want your input: Lincoln Fields, Queensview, Local Paths and the Future of QTN

  1. Lee Lyall says:

    I am not keen on the multi-use pathway coming through the private property of the Moncton Place Condominium Corporation as there will be tons of garbage strewn all over our property, just as everyone throws their garbage in the bushes and on the path at the Pinecrest station. I’ve picked up that garbage at Pinecrest station and there is piles of it. Also, we cannot afford to lose our parking spaces.

    In such a freezing cold city, I do not understand why we don’t build more underground tunnels. Toronto has a whole system of tunnels and it doesn’t even get that cold in the winter.

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