Queensview Drive and QTN: Plans for the Future

Change will be coming to Queensview Drive in the next few years. That can be good for QTN or it could create problems. The QTN planning committee is engaged in ongoing discussions to help ensure that the concerns and views of residents are considered. We welcome questions, suggestions, and active participation by all residents in a planning process that will affect all of us in the future. Below are a few of the current issues for attention.

Minor Corridor/Complete Street: The draft new Official Plan for Ottawa designates Queensview Drive as a minor corridor with increased density in mixed commercial/residential uses. What is the impact for QTN? That is one focus of the work being done by the planning committee. A more friendly street with easy-to-access-services is one goal.

Transit Hub and Inclusionary Zoning: The area around the new Queensview LRT Station will be designated a transit hub and the City plans to use new provincial policies for inclusionary zoning to encourage affordable housing. We are raising questions about how these new policies will be implemented to prevent negative impacts and provide some benefits for QTN.

Connectivity to the LRT Station and Services on Queensview: Many QTN residents put a high priority on being able to walk or bike to the new LRT station. Community-oriented services on Queensview Drive could be a benefit, if designed well. It will take persistence by QTN to ensure there are easily accessible, safe, friendly pathways to use.

At the same time, we are addressing concerns about new street connections that could increase traffic through QTN and concerns about on-street parking. At present the City has said there are no plans to open Queensview Drive onto Connaught Street. Parking issues may need to be addressed as they arise. Ensuring community voices are heard is our focus.

Noise: We continue to advocate for measures that will reduce the unacceptably high noise levels along the south side of QTN. The way redevelopment proceeds could be either an improvement or add to the problems.

Relocation of Bus Depot: There are no immediate plans. Relocation will likely happen within the 25 year timeframe of the new Official Plan. It is good to start talking about it now so that community priorities and concerns are considered early – before it is too late to have influence.

Official Plan and Queensview/Pinecrest Station Secondary Plan: The new Official Plan for Ottawa will set major directions. Residents can make suggestions until February 17. The plan will head to City Council for approval this fall.

More detailed plans for this area will be adopted in a Secondary Plan. The Secondary Plan will also include more specific directions for the future development of QTN. Watch for more details and a public meeting this Spring.

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3 thoughts on “Queensview Drive and QTN: Plans for the Future

  1. Ryan says:

    There should be a priority for a footpath to connect Queensview with Connaught. Currently we’re land locked in this neighbourhood unless you have a vehicle. There’s a gym on Queensview that’s currently only accessible by car. Queensview has so much business potentialbut your worried about traffic and parking. Footpath solves all those problems. Currently, wak to Pinecrest Station? Forget about it. It takes longer to walk to the station than it does to actually get to your destination. You cannot go east, west, or south o
    In this neighbourhood by by foot. A foot path solves the problem of parking and traffic. would make Pincecrest station a ten minute walk from Connaught. I don’t understand why the city is expanding public transit but continues to put road blocks to accessing it. QTN deals with the construction with no clear answers for anything. If there’s no footpath that goes west from Connaught to Queensway then there’s no way you can say that you’re listening to your voters. We want a connection but you keep saying that you’re on the fence. Just make a decision already. If you say no then you lost my vote. Pretty simple answer from me.

    Bus depot? Honestly, it’s the worst part of this entire neighbourhood. It’s ugly and it complicates traffic in the neighbourhood. Just take an Uber into the neighborhood and try to give them instructions on how to get out of the neighbourhood. That’s because of the bus depot. At least give it a power wash or some paint. It’s an eyesore.

    • QTNca says:

      Thanks for your feedback, there is a planned path from Connaught Ave between the bus barn and the highway to Queensview Drive – many, like your comments, have spoken to its inadequacies. You can view the plans here just search for Queensview until you get to the station plans. Note that the connectivity study itself has no money so the planned or proposed designs are unfunded. The association voiced many of your concerns with the LRT team previously – many residents shared their feedback with us last summer.

      Like you said, it doesn’t resolve the North-South connections to Moncton which isolates an entire section of the neighbourhood or Severn school which, as a school, is considered a priority connection for new pathways according to the pedestrian and transportation master plans.

      In regards to the bus depot the feedback is unanimous. Not a single resident has voiced their support for keeping the building (noisy, eyesore, bus traffic, etc.) and while any plan that would consider moving it is very far off it’s important that all residents continue to share their vision for what could come of that land so that it is integrated and planned into how this neighbourhood functions instead of being an afterthought.

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