Pinecrest Queensview Secondary Plan – Virtual Open House (June 21 @ 7:30 PM)

Huge news! The Pinecrest Queensview Secondary Plan Open House is this Tuesday, June 21 at 7:30 pm.

Register on the City of Ottawa’s website here: Pinecrest Queensview Secondary Plan (Engage Ottawa)

This Secondary Plan creates the rules for development and future connectivity. This means: height of buildings, connection paths to LRT, sidewalks, bike infrastructure.

Attend this meeting and you’ll learn all about the City’s plan for our neighbourhood, and you’ll also get a chance to give feedback.

Do you want to be able to quickly access Queensview Dr from QTN? Do you want a vibrant Queensview that’s pleasant to visit? Do you want Queensview to be a place with sidewalks, bike lanes, and trees – and thriving businesses? How tall should condo or apartment towers be on Queensview? Do you have safety concerns about walking or biking on Pinecrest Road to access LRT?

Bring your questions and your listening ears.

Some background work by QTNCA can be found here: Queensview Drive and QTN: Plans for the Future