Going places in the Lincoln Fields area

City Planning is starting to pay more attention to the Lincoln Fields area. Work is finally beginning on a Secondary Plan to guide future development. The first meeting with stakeholders focused on transportation issues, because that links to the draft Transportation Master Plan, also in process now.

City planners shared recommendations for improving connectivity. These came from a consultant study. They focused on how residents might get to the new Lincoln Fields Transit station and desired destinations in and around a redeveloped mall. Many of the proposals would make it easier to walk or use a bike to go places. They include changes in the access from Carling to the Parkway, more pedestrian paths, bike lanes, and safer pedestrian crossings of Carling Avenue.

None of these proposals are currently in the Transportation Master Plan and there is no funding for them. QTNca representatives are advocating for early attention to the Connaught-Carling intersection, to link improvements to the upcoming new sidewalks on Connaught. More places to cross Carling safely is another focus of our advocacy, along with early funding so improvements can be in place at the same time the new LRT station opens.

You can review the proposal on our website (PDF) or you can find it by scrolling through the Engage Ottawa page on the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan. If you have feedback or suggestions, let us know through a message to qtncommunity@gmail.com. A public meeting on proposals for the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan will be held later this year.

4 thoughts on “Going places in the Lincoln Fields area

  1. Rob says:

    Probably too soon, but the thing that I’d like to see is that Pinecrest Creek is no longer covered up. Lots of potential here to make a nice park with a stream through it. Maybe a wide area for skating in the winter.

    • Kathy V says:

      Recovering Pinecrest Creek was strongly advocated by QTNca and it was under consideration in earlier concepts for restoring natural areas after the LRT is built. Unfortunately, the City has now rejected that option. Cost was given as the reason,
      Restoration of part of the creek on the other side of the Queensway is being done. We did get the existing part of the Pinecrest Creek named as a green area for preservation in the new Official Plan and we have made enquiries with the NCC about its future plans for Pinecrest Creek. Many of us share your vision but it is not part of current plans. You can see some of the landscape plans on the planning page, section on LRT Phase II.

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks for this update! Is there any sense of what will be replacing Lincoln Fields Mall? And the timeline for this work?

    • Kathy Vandergrift says:

      We know that Rio Can, the owner of Lincoln Fields Mall, is working on a proposal for the next phase of development of the mall. The timing will depend on that. When they obtained approval for an interim plan, they also submitted a very general concept for a future complete development. It included a mix of residential towers and commercial spaces that would provide services to adjacent neighborhoods and residents in the towers. We do not know precisely what that mix will be in their formal proposal. We advocated for improved pedestrian and biking access through the site, as well as more green space, trees, etc. They held an open house some time ago that included opportunity to suggest proposed uses. We have not seen the results of that consultation and it might well change. As soon as we know more, we will make sure QTN residents know. They will be public meetings and hearings as well in the future.
      Kathy Vandergrift, President QTN

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